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Do you love the outdoors and animals? Keen to find a job that lets you ride a motorbike or horse all day long and pays you to do it? Looking for some new skills that you can use no matter where you go in life? Keen for a gap year before university or have you grown up on a farm and want to make a career out of the agricultural industry? Or do you just have a love of the outback and want to experience remote Australia?

A career in the agricultural industry on one of Jumbuck’s stations offers the rare opportunity to learn invaluable skills and while you will work hard, you will also enjoy the lifestyle that only outback Australia can offer. As a large, secure and growing company with certified training available, we can offer a career path and opportunities for advancement to anyone with the right attitude and attributes. We prefer to source managers and overseers from within the organisation; almost all of our current overseers have been promoted from station hands and most managers have started out as station hands before working their way up.

As an overseer or manager, you are provided with a home and your meals are provided as well. This means no grocery bills, phone, electricity, water, gas, rent or house payments. This makes it possible to save a considerable part of your wage while enjoying a lifestyle that many only dream of. Jumbuck is an equal opportunity employer and both males and females have the opportunity to succeed with Jumbuck.



Jumbuck offers traineeships in the form of a Certificate III in Agriculture (Sheep and Wool) at Bulgunnia, Commonwealth Hill, Mulgathing, Mobella, Mt Victor, McCoys Well and Rawlinna. Certificate II and III in Agriculture (Beef Cattle) is also offered on our cattle stations Blina, Meda and Killarney and of course you must be eligible for a traineeship.

Permanent staff can participate in formal traineeships once employed, to ensure that all entry level staff are given a thorough grounding in all the skills needed to equip them to be versatile in all aspects of the agricultural/pastoral industry. This benefits both the staff and Jumbuck as well-trained employees work more efficiently and safely. Traineeships involve learning both on the job and by completing units as part of a certificate level course and these courses normally take around 18 months to complete. The training is conducted by TAFE or another registered training organisation and will involve online learning, book work and attending practical workshops on site. On completion, trainees are awarded a formal trade level qualification that is recognised Australia-wide and many staff go on to complete Certificate 4 or Diploma level training if desired.

During the practical workshop training, external trainers are brought in to deliver modules on First Aid, Workplace Health and Safety, welding, small motors and motorbikes. Short courses are often provided to station staff on diverse subjects such as low stress stock handling, horsemanship and breaking-in, bushfire control and First Aid.

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