Jumbuck Culture

Jumbuck Pastoral is a professionally-run private family business overseeing a combination of high quality and varied assets within the beef cattle and sheep wool industries. Above all else, Jumbuck Pastoral values integrity and hard work; from our company and directors through to managers and all staff.

The business is continually thinking and evolving. We pay close attention to our practices and processes, always seeking how we can improve and innovate. We are adaptable to changing factors, whether on the land or in the markets, and adjust our approaches accordingly. Jumbuck’s ongoing success is a result of considered planning, but most importantly, through hard work, determination and sound thinking on behalf of our staff.

Our culture at Jumbuck Pastoral is what uniquely identifies us within our industry.

  • To apply ourselves and work hard
  • Have a ‘Can Do’ attitude
  • Clarity of thought in required tasks
  • Drive to excel in all that we do
  • To attract, retain and invest in good people
  • Respect for stakeholders such as our staff, neighbours, suppliers and customers
  • Attention to detail around operations
  • Recognising individuals for their efforts and doing their best
  • Directors and managers ‘Walk the Talk’ – to provide leadership by example and actions

Jumbuck Pastoral are committed to providing a culture that creates opportunity for employees to further their own careers and professional goals, as skills and knowledge are developed that will form the foundation for a successful career in the pastoral industry.