MANAGER: Peter Marshall
LOCATION: Coober Pedy region, SA
LAND SIZE: 309,600 ha
STOCK: 26,000 Merino sheep

Bulgunnia Station is located 75km south west of Coober Pedy and is one of four adjoining stations operated by Jumbuck Pastoral in the North West Pastoral area of South Australia.

It is only 40km from the Stuart Highway, with Glendambo and Coober Pedy no more than two hours drive away. 26,000 merino sheep are run with a staff of seven by Manager Peter Marshall. Climate at Bulgunnia is typical North West, with a rainfall of 160mm and daytime temperatures ranging from around 40°C in the summer to a pleasant 18°C in the winter.

February is the usual shearing start time and mobbing up of sheep begins the month before. Motorbikes have long since replaced the horse and staff are necessarily proficient in day to day maintenance.

Wool is core tested in Adelaide and then it is either offered for sale in Melbourne or put on the private market, depending on the conditions at the time. Sale sheep are regularly sold in Jamestown or privately on the station. The three busy times in the year are shearing, crutching and lamb marking. Between these times, routine maintenance is the main focus and is also a period of time where staff take time off to recharge.

Bulgunnia’s proximity to the highway encourages participation in social events at Glendambo and Coober Pedy.