MANAGER: Jamie Laurisson
LOCATION: Katherine region, NT
LAND SIZE: 541,400ha
STOCK: 40,000 head of Brahman cattle

Killarney Station was purchased by Jumbuck Pastoral in April 2014 from Wallco. It is made up of two leases: Killarney and Birrimba. The homestead is located 280km south west of Katherine, about 25km off the Buntine Highway in the Victoria River District.

The Manager of Killarney, Jamie Laurisson, has been with Jumbuck Pastoral since 1997. Jamie moved across from Meda to Killarney in 2015 and manages both Killarney and Birrimba with the assistance of 20 staff.

Killarney was once part of the iconic Victoria River Downs Station. The Killarney lease was excised from VRD in 1962, when Bill Tapp purchased the lease for $180,000. The station runs about 40,000 head of Brahman cattle. The herd has been improved with the purchase of six decks of grey bulls from the Cloncurry district and 7,000 heifers sent from Meda and Blina to assist in the upgrading.

The annual rainfall is approximately 762mm and the daily temperature during the dry season is about 30°C, warming up to low 40°C during the wet. Traditionally, the stock camp is put together in early April with mustering commencing as soon as it is dry enough to get vehicles around. Mustering continues through the dry season and usually wraps up in early November. Robinson R22 helicopters are predominantly used to put the cattle together when mustering, aided by stockmen on the ground mounted on horseback.

When the cattle work is complete, the work programme focuses on maintenance and improvements, fencing and yard building, all of which have to be set aside for mustering.

Top Springs is the closest “watering hole”, but most supplies and post come from Katherine. The Daly Waters rodeo is one of several rodeos that staff have the opportunity to attend in the area. Additionally, barbecues are a frequent event at the homestead.