McCoys Well


MANAGER: Michael Goldsworthy
LOCATION: Yunta region, SA
LAND SIZE: 58,680ha
STOCK: 13,700 Poll Merino sheep

McCoys Well is a 58,680ha station located 30km west of Yunta in the North East Pastoral region of South Australia. The homestead is located approximately 15km north off the Barrier Highway (Adelaide to Broken Hill road).

McCoys Well is managed by Michael Goldsworthy where he runs the station with the help of one to two staff.

The original McCoys Well leases were purchased in 1970 by H.G. MacLachlan from the Hawker family (North Bungaree). Two more leases, Meadow Downs and Whyngoon, were purchased in 1985 and 1986 respectively to complete the station as it is today.

Stock work in the form of mustering or droving is completed primarily with motorbikes, but horses are also used from time to time. Shearing, crutching and lamb marking make up the busiest times in the calendar year. Other skills required by staff are the maintenance of windmills, bores, vehicles and fences.

McCoys Well has a subtle mix of Saltbush, Bluebush, annual herbs and grasses which is outstanding country for growing Merinos. Around 340 bales of wool are harvested on an annual basis with 3,000 to 3,500 surplus sheep sold every year either through the Jamestown sale yard, private sale or via C.A.L.M.

The Yunta races is a well attended social event run every year in the month of May and events include racing and gymkhana novelties like bending and barrel races. The regional town of Peterborough, being only 50km away, also provides a range of services.