MANAGER: Troy Haslet
LOCATION: Derby region, WA
LAND SIZE: 505,857ha
STOCK: 25,000 head of Brahman Cattle

Meda Station is located 40km east of Derby, Western Australia. This is the western end of the Kimberley region, 700km north of the Tropic of Capricorn. Meda Station is run in conjunction with the western half of Kimberley Downs and together the land area amounts to 505,857ha. The average rainfall is 660mm and daily temperature during the dry season is around 30°C, warming up to around 40°C during the wet season.

The station runs 25,000 head of Brahman cattle. Traditionally, the stock camp comes together in early April, with mustering commencing soon after. The mustering is done by helicopter, with assistance from horsemen on the ground. Mustering and processing of cattle continues throughout the dry season and usually wraps up in October or November.

Cattle sales are mostly live export, with Indonesia being the main market destination for Meda and Kimberley Downs cattle in recent times. When the cattle work is complete, the work programme focuses on maintenance and improvements that have been put on hold while the muster is on.

Social activities attended by the staff throughout the year include the Fitzroy, Broome and Derby Rodeos and Halls Creek Races. Fishing is a popular attraction on weekends off as when the Barramundi are biting, there’s nothing more exciting!