MANAGER: Michael Simons
LOCATION: Rawlinna region, WA
LAND SIZE: 1,011,714ha
STOCK: 60,000 Merino sheep

Located 400km east of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, Rawlinna adjoins the Transcontinental Railway line and the Eyre Highway with a total area of approximately 1,001,714ha. The Manager, Michael Simons, started with Jumbuck Pastoral as a Jackaroo in 1983 and has managed properties at Lake Everard and Mulgathing prior to managing Rawlinna. Michael runs Rawlinna with the help of 14 staff.

If anyone ever wondered what it would be like to start with a clean slate and design a sheep station, then Rawlinna station is a glowing example of the result of planning from the very beginning. The massive station was developed from a survey peg in the ground in the late 1960’s by the previous Managing Director, H.G. MacLachlan.

The size of the station and the distances involved at Rawlinna have to be seen to be believed. Development of the station was completed with a lane-way complex running from its extremities to the 16 stand shearing shed centrally located at the Depot outstation. Rawlinna comprises so much ground, one paddock took 8 hours to muster with the wind and sheep all in the “right place”!

The average rainfall is 228mm and daily temperatures are about 38°C in the summer and 19°C in the winter. Shearing of the station’s 60,000 sheep usually starts in February with mustering beginning up to three weeks before. Mustering and droving is conducted on motorbikes with the use of an aircraft to locate the sheep.

Wool is generally delivered to Adelaide to be core tested, whereas sheep are often sold privately on the property.

Unlike Jumbuck’s other stations where staff can participate at gymkhanas and rodeos in the local area, Rawlinna hosts a very successful gymkhana known as the “Nullarbor Muster” in the last weekend of April.